Request for Refund or Test Date Transfer Form

Request for Refund or Test Date Transfer Form

Information for Candidates (Pre-test Cancellation)

Request for cancellation of your IELTS test must be made strictly 5 weeks before the test date via email or in person only. Telephone cancellation will not be accepted. Candidates will receive a refund (less a 25% of administrative fee)

Candidates who seek to cancel their IELTS test within 5 weeks prior to the test date, can receive a refund (less a 25% of administrative fee) only if they can satisfy the administrator that their ability to sit the test has been affected by illness or serious causes include:

  • illness – e.g. hospital admission, serious injury or illness (does not include minor illness such as a mild cold)
  • loss or bereavement – death of a close family member
  • hardship/trauma – victim of crime, victim of a traffic accident
  • military service.

If an IELTS exam is cancelled due to any technical issues or any other reason by the centre, no refund will be issued. In such circumstances the candidates’ test date will be rescheduled to another date within the next three-month period approved by the Administrator.

Application Process for Refunds (Post-test Cancellation)

Candidates must lodge an application for refund no later than five working days after the test date. Candidates must complete a Request for Refund Form and attach the appropriate documentation and/or evidence. Acceptable documents may include a medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner, a death certificate, or a police report, Statutory declarations and certificates signed by family members are not acceptable.

The Administrator will advise the candidate within one week of lodging the application whether or not their request has been approved.

Refunds – if the candidate’s application is approved, the centre will refund the test fee to the candidate. However the centre may deduct an administrative fee (no more than 25% of the test fee)

Transfers – If the candidate’s application is approved candidates must select a test date within the next three-month period and this will be approved by the Administrator depending on availability for the selected test date. There may be limited availability for test dates in the first five-week period. Candidates who wish to transfer to a test date more than three months away should apply for a refund and then re-apply for the test.

Computer-Delivered IELTS (CDI)

Computer-Delivered IELTS (CDI) dates are subject to change, this can be the result of technical issues that result in downtime or any other reason, in the event that a date needs to be rescheduled to another convenient date, there will be no refund applied and the student can choose another available date to take the test.

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